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Life’s better with great wardrobes. You declutter. You compartmentalise.
And when your storage looks this good? You enjoy your bedroom so much more.

the stock collection

delivered and built within 10 business days from order

(we can also hold your paid order until you are ready)


Instrument’s stock collection offers everything you’re ever going to need in a wardrobe. We think each range looks pretty special too.

And there’s plenty you can do with these pieces.

Want more hanging space? Remove some shelves and add another rail. After better visibility? Put in LED lighting along the top. Add a built in drawer if that is what you are after 

Matching furniture and bedroom sets are available for most ranges, but we’ll tell you more about in the listings.

Delivery of your flat-packed wardrobe will take 10 days or less. And if you want to do this right? You’ll opt for the assembly service.

For an additional fee, our award-winning fitting team will put your wardrobe together while you sit get on and enjoy your day. Certainly no squabbles over the instructions this way.

Opting for assembly increases your warranty to two years too. So all that’s left to worry about is where you’re going to lovingly place each piece of clothing inside your beautiful new wardrobe.

Make the perfect home for your things with a stock wardrobe from Instrument. Find your favourite with this simple guide.


the cleo range

Behind these sleek, sliding doors lie plenty of shelving and hanging space galore. The Cleo wardrobe comes with two or three doors, in 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm and 250cm widths and 4 colours. And guess what? Every wardrobe of every colour has matching items and also come as bedroom set. Click here for Cleo range

the mona range 

Exclusive to Instrument, the Mona range features bi-folding doors so you can see everything inside at once, any time you like. You will love the practical and slick drawers on the outside. This wardrobe comes in 210cm and 256cm widths; acres of space for your cherished clothing. Also come as bedroom sets. Click here to see Mona range

 the lenox range

The Lenox range is all about the lines. The angles and lines really draw the eye and make these wardrobes stand out in any room. People also love the drawers on the outside. That’s probably why they’re one of our most popular. The Lenox wardrobe comes in 208cm or 255cm widths. Gloss or matt – you choose. Click here for full Lenox range


the brava range


This elegant and simple design features bi-folding doors, so you can browse your full wardrobe to your heart’s content. The Brava range comes in 210cm and 256cm widths, giving you plenty of space to store your things. Check out Brava range here


the coco range

Stylish yet bold, the Coco wardrobe is some 244m wide, but 206cm height – making it perfect for lower ceiling properties. Choose a fully mirrored front, go full gloss or combine the two looks to make the Coco wardrobe exactly what you want it to be. See Coco range here

the mason range


The 2-door Mason wardrobe is 225cm wide. That’s ample space for your things right there. Play around with the panels and decide whether you want a full mirrored look on your sliding doors, or a white matt finish. Or both! Check the Mason range here

the vista range


Spacious and practical, Vista gloss wardrobes feature two sliding doors and come in 150cm. This is a classic look, and most certainly a keeper. See Vista range here



the luxury collection

4-8 weeks lead time, every item made in factory to your specifications, free delivery and assembly

Nothing is impossible. That’s how we like to think of the Luxury Collection.

See, every wardrobe is extremely customisable. Not only will you create a closet that works in your space, but you can bend it to your tastes too.

Choose between several carcass colours, front colours, glass or mirror finishes. Or don’t. That’s the beauty of the Luxury Collection; you can combine any elements you like.

Sizes range by as much as 400cm, so you’ll find stylish solutions for the smallest alcove to the longest wall. Each one can even bend around corners. Magic.

And there are so many extras available with the Luxury Collection that you really can have everything you need. Everything you want too. Build in drawer units, LED lights, frames, partitions, tie & belt racks, trouser racks or even a compartment with safe door just to name a few. 

Many of the different styles match other pieces. Take a peak if you’re after the “complete” look in your bedroom.

Every wardrobe comes with a two year warranty, 5 year warranty for Celio and Staud products. Each one will be lovingly crafted to your specifications in the specialist factories in Germany and France, so expect a lead time of four to eight weeks.

When it comes to delivery day? Sure, you could build these beauties yourself. Or you could actually enjoy your day and allow our expert fitting team to put them together for you. And at no extra cost? There’s no reason not to.   

from the wiemann factory in germany

the maestro range


The chic, sliding 2-door Maestro wardrobe comes in four widths: 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm. Not into the sliding door thing? Hinges are an option here too. Hinge doors come in 100cm, 150cm, 250cm and 300cm widths, with plenty of extras to choose from. How will you make yours yours? Pick your Maestro here

the rosario range

The Rosario collection comes in two heights (216cm or 236cm), in widths of 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm. The possibilities are pretty much endless here. Can’t choose between bi-folding doors and drawers? Have both. Whatever combination you go for, you can guarantee it’ll be an eye-catcher. Check the full Rosario range here

the ipanema range

These cool closets have a lot to offer. With a huge range of widths available (50cm, 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm) and two heights (216cm and 236cm), you can really make the most of your space with the Ipanema range. The doors are hinged and drawers can be added into the design. You can even mix and match your colours on the doors and carcass. Like we said: cool. Check the Ipanema range here

the cali range

When it comes to Cali wardrobes you can opt for two sliding doors (in 150cm and 200cm widths) or three (in 250cm, 280cm and 300cm). Or if you’re working with a larger space, go for four doors with synchronous opening (in 330cm or 400cm widths). There are two heights available (217cm or 236cm) as well as two different panel styles (2 large or 5 smaller). The unusual colour options in this range make for a truly unique finish. Stylish too! See the Cali range here

the freya range

Available in widths of 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm, Freya wardrobes are perfect for larger spaces. Design yours with or without drawers to create the ideal home for your things. Did we mention that these wardrobes can open themselves? You’ll like that. See Freya range here

the cambridge range

Traditional meets modern in these shaker style wardrobes. Available in 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm widths, your Cambridge wardrobe can have three, four, five or even six doors. Whether you opt for mirroring in the central panels? That’s up to you. Pick your Cambridge wardrobe here

from the celio factory in france

the loft range

These sliding door wardrobes are made from the thickest board out there. And with a five year guarantee, you’ll know you’re buying quality. Loft wardrobes come in two heights (222cm or 241cm), several widths (140cm, 160cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 240cm and 300cm) and two depths (for the 140cm, 160cm and 180cm models alone). Add extras such as jewellery rack, pull down hanging rail or shelving with safe door, just to name a few, to make the wardrobe your own creation! See the Loft range here

the perla range

Made from thick 25mm board and with a 5 year guarantee, the Perla wardrobes can give you pretty much anything. Hinge doors? Sliding doors? A combination of the two? No problem. Built-in drawers of any size? Tie rack? Easy peasy. The possibilities are endless with the Perla range. Click here to build your Perla wardrobe


from the staud factory in germany

the versa range

Versa is short for versatility. Not only this wardrobe come with high unit of drawers, combining a wardrobe and chest of drawers into one, but also it is a certain eye catcher. It comes with glass front as standard and can be upgraded to newest innovation and trend in the wardrobe industry - frosted glass. You can select different finishes and colours separately drawers, large doors and small sliding door over drawers. Not forgetting the exclusive extras this range has like frame with inclusive LED strip, 2 types of TV brackets or illuminate glass top. You certainly want to check this range here


let’s talk

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Because life really is better with great storage. Talk soon.


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