17 Modern & Stylish Wardrobe Design Ideas

Written by: Instrument furniture  Date: Jun 22, 2021

Storing clothes used to be a humble affair. But with so many new ways to design and build wardrobes, it is easy to make this furniture an elaborate focal point of a room. Modern wardrobes are also cleverly moulded to give you easy access to your belongings, eliminating the need to scratch and dig for that one item you are looking for. 

In this article, we are going to look at 17 inspiring modern wardrobes that combine stylish designs with smart storage and organisation solutions. Let’s just say that if you didn't already have wardrobe envy before seeing this post. You might now find yourself wardrobe measurements first and then ready for a new modern closet that makes home life so much more convenient – and glamorous.

1. Pair rustic wood with glass for a classic and contemporary emulsion


If you are torn between chic classic looks for your home and sleek modern designs, then why not cleverly combine the two themes to create a sophisticated medium? In this image, the oak carcass of the wardrobe has been complemented by silk white glass doors. The main storage unit is then accompanied by a matching chest of drawers for maximum organisation.

2. Save space with sliding doors


Sliding wardrobes are modish and practical. They complete a smooth and sleek look to a modern room and because the doors aren’t hinged, they don’t require as much space to function. We also love the interior of this wardrobe that includes pull-out drawers which are neatly tucked away to maintain the appearance of the sheeny exterior.

3. Fill those awkward corners


Wardrobes don’t have to be confined to flat wall space but can be customised to fill an open corner. This solution is perfect if you are working with a small space. What is also great about hinged corner wardrobes is that they open to create a walk-in space, which can be handy if you aren’t lucky enough to own a real walk-in wardrobe!

4. Add lights to your wardrobe doors


Adding lights to a wardrobe is not only a modern décor trend, but it also provides a unique way of gently illuminating a room to create a beautiful ambience. Combine lighting with mirrored wardrobe door panels and you will have the best idea of how you look before heading out – call it your new best friend, if you must!

5. Make a room larger with mirrors


You can instantly make a room appear larger and brighter with the addition of a mirror and, in our opinion, the bigger the better. Instead of choosing plain wood panels for your wardrobe sliding doors, select a clear mirrored option with a white carcass for an optimally fresh and sophisticated look.

6. Mix and match drawers with doors


Have the best of both worlds with a wardrobe that’s built to feature both doors for hanging clothes and drawers for folded items and accessories. This design is practical and progressive and will allow you to neatly store everything from your garments to your linen in one organisational unit.

7. When two become one


This is another example of how two wardrobes can be combined to fill an open corner and maintain a contemporary look that will probably never go out of fashion. Again, if you are short of floor space, then this is one way to tuck your storage solutions neatly away in a corner. If you have a larger room, you could always place more units together to create a bolder statement (see what we mean below).

8. When bigger is better


If space is of no concern, then you are allowed to have the attitude of “go big or go home”! In this example, single slim wardrobes have been combined with bulkier units to fill a corner and open whitespace. Suffice it to say, you won’t be short of storage solutions!

9. What’s more modern than synchro doors?


A wardrobe with a synchro duo system allows two doors to open with just one movement. Some may say that this is a frivolous feature whilst others will appreciate the convenience of having quick, no-fuss access to their belongings.

10. Add a touch of colour


If you are restrained by budget and a brand-new wardrobe is not an option, then you can bring life to your old unit by painting the wall behind it with what we like to call a “colour pop”.

11. The window effect

instrument CLEO 2 sliding mirror wardrobeCLEO 2 sliding mirror wardrobe

This idea works best with rooms that have large floor to ceiling windows. Frameless glass and mirrored wardrobe door panels are used to replicate windows for an ultimately bright, clean, and airy effect. Complement this look with minimalist furniture and simple wardrobe colour schemes

12. When glass just isn’t your thing

instrument CAMBRIDGE hinged wardrobe

Modern interior décor isn’t reserved for sharp-edged and seamless glass furniture. You can achieve a stylish modish look with Sienna solid wood wardrobes too. Hinged white wardrobes is ideal for modern beach homes and dwellings where classic chic is melded with contemporary décor. 

13. The best of both worlds

cleo1 freestanding sliding wardrobe

Match glass or a mirrored door panel with a chic white panel to get the best of both worlds. As with idea number one, the two styles can be combined to create a softer contemporary look. In this image example, the wardrobe adds a feminine touch to the room.

14. The wardrobe set

Instrument MATEO bedroom set

MATEO bedroom set


Add contrast and range to your bedroom with an entire matching wardrobe set. In this example, a triple wardrobe set with light has been matched with a chest of drawers, a headboard, and side tables. Even though this space is compact, the assortment of furniture blends to create a balanced harmony with just enough room for comfortable movement.

15. Illuminate the interior

Wardrobe interior motion-activated LED light


We know that adding lights to the exterior of a wardrobe is a modern way to gently brighten a room and enhance mirror functionality. But adding lights to the interior is also a progressive idea that not only looks cool but can be very helpful when it comes to searching through stored belongings.

16. Are you organised enough to be transparent?

Cali sliding wardrobe


If your organisational skills are above par and you have a beautiful collection of clothes to show off, then why not take the daring route of adding transparent sliding door panels to your wardrobe? Your belongings are thus not only functional but they get to form part of your décor too.

17. When you can’t make up your mind…

Modern wardrobe idea

We get it. There are so many amazing modern wardrobe ideas out there that choosing wardrobes for your bedroom can be an overwhelming task. If you’re stuck, perhaps brushing up on the bedroom decor basics will help you to narrow down your choices – or you could always ask our experts for their advice. Also keep in mind that improperly maintained wardrobes have a tendency to mould.