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Corona virus (Covid-19) update

We thought it was important to give you an update on what we’re doing at Instrument to operate our business while keeping our staff and customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

On 23 March the Government, stepped up measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and save lives. All non-essential premises must now close. Takeaway and delivery services may remain open and operational in line with guidance on Friday 20 March. Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal. We will continue operating as long this measure is in place and we have fit and willing staff. 


Our staff


  • All of our staff have been fully briefed on the symptoms of the coronavirus, and if any of them develop similar symptoms, they’ll self-isolate for seven days. If during this time they indicate specific coronavirus symptoms, they will self-isolate for a full 14 days, as per the Government’s advice


  • Every staff member has been advised on the Government recommended hygiene procedures


  • Our road crews are carrying alcohol hand sanitising gel that they are using regularly, in addition to washing their hands whenever possible.


Our office and showroom:


  • Only one person at a time will work in the Instrument office, on a rotating basis, while the other staff members will work from home.
  • Business will continue as usual, but by putting these measures in place, we will limit potential exposure and minimise risk
  • Showroom will be temporary closed 


Your deliveries

  • Our delivery and installation services will continue as usual.
  • If any of our delivery staff experience symptoms, they will not be working.
  • All delivery staff will wear gloves and adhere to precautionary measures listed


Is it dangerous to get Instrument products delivered at the moment?


As mentioned above, no staff with symptoms will be involved in our delivery process, and the staff that are on duty will be taking precautionary measures to keep you safe.


In addition, any products delivered in carton packaging pose little to no threat, as they have been in the Instrument warehouse, a delivery truck or a factory for many weeks – the virus cannot survive that long on those materials.


In fact, we strongly believe that in these difficult times, getting products delivered is actually far safer than going into the shops – you’ve got far more control over who you come into contact with and you don’t take any unnecessary risks, while still being able to live your life and get great furniture into your home!


Your responsibilities with our staff


If you have coronavirus symptoms while waiting for delivery, please let us know, so we can put measures in place to deliver your goods safely, or reschedule your delivery.

To protect ourselves and others we come into contact with, we’ll have no choice but to refuse delivery or assembly if we arrive at your premises and see coronavirus related symptoms.


All common sense really, but - we’re sure you’ll agree - very important; let’s work together, be considerate of each other and do our bit.


Stay safe!


Instrument team