10 Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

Written by: Instrument furniture  Date: Jun 22, 2021

Designing and arranging a bedroom can be tricky, especially when it comes to storage. The good news is that no matter how small or large your room is, there are bedroom furniture sets that can be applied without taking up too much space. From floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with nifty compartments to beds built with storage functionality, packing away clutter takes just a little innovative thinking. Here are our 10 best bedroom storage ideas:

1. Under the Bed Storage 

Instrument LESINA mink velvet bed


Under-the-bed storage is a very simple solution to your storage issues and is super handy when space is limited. All you need to do is purchase a bed frame that raises your mattress off the ground. You can then slide your belongings beneath the mattress and frame. Some bed frames have been very cleverly designed to include pull-out storage compartments, making them a practical and stylish investment.

Under-the-bed storage is perfect for packing away seasonal clothing and for storing extra pillows, linen, and bulky blankets.

2. Corner Wardrobes 

Instrument Bronx hinged corner wardrobe

Instrument Bronx hinged corner wardrobe


Make full use of your bedroom’s space by putting corners to good use. You can purchase a ready-built corner wardrobe, or you can custom-design one to your preferred specs. Corner wardrobes can stand alone, or they can be extended to take up accompanying wall space.

Idea: add a full-length mirror to your corner wardrobe so that it makes your room appear airy and more spacious.

3. Save Space with an All-In-One Closet System

Instrument ZARA-1 bi folding wardrobe


All-in-one closet storage systems are available in different shapes and sizes, so don’t brush them off completely if you feel they are too bulky for your small room.  This type of storage system is a clever way to combine drawers and hanging space if you prefer to keep your furnishings minimal.

Most all-in-one closets feature a hanging rack, shelving units for hats and shoes, etc. as well as drawers for foldable clothing and accessories.

4. Build Bedroom Storage into Your Side Table

Instrument PERLA 2 drawer bedside


A list of clever bedroom storage ideas would not be complete without including the bedside table, which often doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves.

To increase your bedroom storage options, find a bedside table that includes cupboards, drawers, or shelves. A smaller storage unit like this is ideal for hiding away odds and ends such as phone chargers, watches, glasses, books, and any medication that you may need quick access to. 

Suggestion: If you are really pressed for space, you can replace your bedside table with a slightly larger single chest of drawers. Just don’t choose a unit that’s too tall, or you won’t be able to reach your belongings whilst in bed.

5. Extend Wardrobes with an End Shelf 

 Instrument DIXON shelf unit and wardrobes


If you have enough space next to your wardrobe, why don’t you extend its appearance and functionality with the addition of a shelf? We love the slim design of the Dixon Shelf. Depending on how much space you have; you can place two or even three shelves alongside each other. Use the shelves to organise books or place bits and bobs in baskets that fit into the compartments to avoid exposing clutter.

6. Make the Most of Wall Space Around the Bed

Make the most of free wall space behind your bed


Adding custom-built shelving to the area behind and around your bed is a brilliant way to provide a bedroom with compact storage solutions. If you look at the image above, the bed tucks itself neatly into the shelving unit, which doubles up as a headboard.

Idea: if you’re set on having the traditional addition of artwork above your bed, remove the overhead shelves and mount a picture directly onto the panelling. The effect is both original and practical. 

7. Store a Bed Under Your Bed

Instrument ARVO plush silver velvet day trundle bed


This hack is ideal for tiny rooms. If you need to accommodate guests but don’t have the space for double mattresses or twin beds, why not invest in a trundle bed? The invention is genius! The design by Instrument Furniture, as seen above, can also be used as a sofa, making it highly functional and ultimately stylish.

8. Add a Storage-inspired Ottoman to the End of Your Bed 

The Ottoman is diverse in its uses


If your room is medium-large in size, you can add the luxury of an Ottoman to the end of your bed. More than just a comfy seat, some Ottomans also feature storage compartments. You can look for a design where the top can be removed like a lid or opened like a door. There are also more original designs that include drawers so that you can organise your belongings and possibly eliminate the need for a chest of drawers.

9. Under-floor Storage 


This concept will only work if you have raised flooring, if you don’t, it’s something you could look into investing in. Under-floor storage compartments can be designed to be discrete, so the uninformed won’t even know that they’re walking over your belongings. In the past, people have used hidden compartments to store letters, photos, and important and confidential documents.

10. Install floor to ceiling wardrobes 

Instrument CAMBRIDGE hinged door wardrobe


Eliminate empty spaces above wardrobes by choosing floor-to-ceiling designs. These units can be built-in, or they can be purchased as free-standing wardrobes. This storage solution is well-suited to those who don’t like the idea of storing belongings on top of a wardrobe in plain sight.

Why is bedroom storage important?

Decluttering and organising “life” have become integral parts of creating a home. As we find ourselves busier than ever, we have recognised the need to keep our private spaces open, airy, and uncluttered so that we can unwind and find the clarity we need to embrace each day and wrap it in the best decisions.

With the right type of storage solutions at our disposal, we can combine convenience with style as we organise and preserve our belongings and keep them nearby for when we need them.