Assembly service


General rules

  • Assembly is included in all luxury/custom items price.
  • Assembly price varies for different stock items, please check the product page.
  • Please make as much space as possible in the room before the arrival of our team (How to prepare the room for wardrobe assembly). 
  • If the room is not ready our team has the right to refuse installation and reschedule for the next convenient to our company date, secondary visit will be charged £50 extra.
  • Always the same day as delivery, done by the same team.
  • Usually 2 men's team, except for smaller items.
  • We will always clear cardboard and rubbish after assembly service, so you don't have to touch a finger.
  • 2 x additional years of warranty are included in the assembly price.
  • If you are not certain that desired wardrobe fits in your room/space, please send us a photo, drawing or plan of the room including the measurements and our technical team will be able to assess and confirm that for you.

Clearance/space required for the assembly team

  • As standard, minimum workspace needed to assemble all wardrobes:
    • wardrobe height + 5cm.
    • wardrobe width + 30cm.
    • wardrobe depth + 100cm.
  • Assembly team has to be able to walk around the wardrobe to install various components and only then push the wardrobe carcass into a suitable position. Some wardrobes have to be built flat on the floor but the majority of them in an upright position (Space required for the wardrobe assembly).

    Clearance/space required for the actual wardrobe

    • STOCK wardrobes:
      • Top / Ceiling + 5cm.
      • Side / Width + 10cm. 
      • LUXURY / CUSTOM wardrobes:
        • Top / Ceiling + 2cm - Hinged and Bi-folding doors.
        • Top / Ceiling + 5cm - Sliding doors.
        • Side / Width + 5cm.