about us

who are we?

Instrument are wardrobe specialists, bringing you modern wardrobe and bedroom sets, from us to the heart of your home. Combining high-quality service and designs, our unique assembly service is highly professional, saving you hassle and hours lost on kits. 

At Instrument, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable, trustworthy service, offering an exclusive service of delivery and assembly by our own in-house teams. The designs we showcase confer character and individuality to your home while adding high-end touches of modern elegance to your interiors. 

Bringing you both style and contemporary design, the Instrument furniture ranges combine modern minimalism with effortless style.


our story

You’ve probably noticed by now that the wardrobes and other furniture we sell at Instrument are a bit swish. But things haven’t always been like that over here.

In fact, the business actually started out in a cold, dank garage in Old Kent road, London. Vidas’ garage, to be precise. Back then in 2012, he was buying dining sets on auction and selling them on eBay. He was very good at it.

Before long, he added customer returns into the mix, painstakingly inspecting every single item from top to toe before making any agreements to sell them. It was during this time that Vidas really honed his eye for perfection.

Around 2014 started looking for partners in Europe and when few partnerships were established, he never looked back and Instrument really started to take off.

By end of 2014, we had an office in Lewisham, warehouse in Dartford and were concentrating solely on the sorts of premium products that Instrument is known for now.

Later in 2017, we opened the second warehouse in Leeds to spread the Instrument love to the North. Since then, we’ve welcomed several new members to the team (along with three or four office dogs) and we’re proud to say that we’ve gone from success to success.

Meet the team



Our founder Vidas Urbutis is the backbone of all things Instrument. With a degree in Textile Design and Technology, he knows his fabrics. It’s come in handy too, since he’s also run shoe businesses in the past and is still running a bag business now on the side. Vidas loves to travel with his two cheeky Jack Russells, Roma and Ivy. He can do an impressive Downward Facing Dog (for those who know yoga), enjoys reading motivational books and riding his bike.



Antanas Budvytis is our Business Development Manager and takes care of our website, apps, social media, marketing, advertising and our suppliers too. You guessed it, he’s pretty busy. Ant’s known for his multitasking and his ability to keep on going. He says it’s down to two meditation sessions every day. We think it’s all the dark chocolate he eats. In his spare time, you’ll find Ant behind the decks or listening to audiobooks.


You don’t want to mess with our HR and Operations Manager, Vadim Chleborodov. Not only because he loves an HR challenge, but also because he used to be a wrestling champion in Lithuania. We quickly gave in and allowed him to play classical music and opera for an hour a day in the office (because well, you know, the wrestling thing). Oh, and he’s easily charmed by pizza leftovers and warm baked goods.


Marius – Our operations guru. Turning daily orders into route plans is his speciality. Well, that and stroking his beard. It helps him think, apparently. He LOOOOOVES fishing – ask him about the biggest fish he’s ever caught… and he’s never far away from a story about South America, where he spent a year travelling. And yep, he has a dog.


Gerda – Loves an email. Loves a chat. So, it’s handy that it’s what she does all day, every day! She’s methodical by design, which comes in very handy when we’re planning an evening out. She is also a known gif connoisseur on our company’s internal chats to keep them super lively. When she is not at her laptop, then she’s probably hiking with her family or listening to folk-rock music.



If you see any pictures on the website, that’s Andrius’ handiwork. He’s just as adept at reworking our listings so you can see your selections change as you make the changes. He loves all things design – almost as much as he loves dreamy slow music. Don’t ask him to slow dance because he WILL take you up on the offer. Oh, and guess what? He has a dog. It’s almost like it’s a requirement.


Ilona takes care of our social media, online chat and does a mean tour of the showroom too. She claims to be the biggest dog lover on the planet (are you noticing a recurring theme here?). She’s the life and soul of every party and has been blessed with one very questionable dance move. Ask her nicely and she might show you! (She won’t.)


Milda’s the most artistic soul in the office and often impresses us with her artwork. She loves fashion as much as her husband (don’t tell him) and is the proud owner of the loudest voice in the pub on occasional Friday. Milda looks after our social media channels, keeps on top of our products online and is always delighted to show customers around the showroom.

The London delivery and installation team

These guys have a map of the South firmly imprinted in their mind, and whizz around delivering and installing our products. They’re the hardest working members of the Instrument team, and we couldn’t do it without them.
When you order from Instrument, you can be certain that your order will be delivered by someone who really does care about it getting to you in one piece.

The Leeds delivery and installation team

Just like the London team, but with a Northern lilt, our Leeds team take care of the North. They put the hours in, love what they do and live and breathe Instrument.