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Sliding Door Wardrobes with Mirrors & Drawers

Free standing wardrobes with sliding doors are an excellent choice for someone that doesn't have a lot of extra space for doors. The inside of a sliding wardrobe typically comes with mirrors and drawers. You can also opt-in for a spacious hanging rail with excellent shelf space. Need expert advice? Check our sliding wardrobes buying guide.

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Buying a Sliding Doors Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes are a popular choice for bedrooms, but they work just as well in other rooms. Due to their practical design, you get a lot of storage for a relatively small amount of space. And if you opt for mirrored doors, your room will appear larger and brighter.

By forgoing hinges, you can save up to 500mm on the front, and you don’t have to commit to your current design choices forever - these doors are easy to change if you’d like to do so in the future. Plus, it minimises visual clutter while hiding your actual clutter - Marie Kondo would be proud!

At Instrument Furniture, you can choose from at least 200 different options. In addition to various sizes, we also offer matt, gloss or glass finishes with a choice of mirrored sliding doors.

Key things to know before you buy

Whether you’re looking for a perfect bedroom sliding doors wardrobe or a clever way to maximise your storage at your home office, there are a few questions you need to answer before clicking the “Buy now” button.

  • Where will your wardrobe go?
  • What are you planning to store in it?
  • What suits the aesthetic of your home?
  • What material do you prefer?
  • Which installation accessories will you need?
  • What’s your budget?

What are you planning to store in it?

Depending on what you’re going to store, you might need more (or fewer!) hanging rails, shelves, and drawers. Do you need full-length hanging space for coats and dresses, or will a half-height do?

That’s especially relevant if you’re not looking for a bedroom sliding doors wardrobe and instead will be storing something else than clothing and linen entirely.

Tip: take a look (not metaphorically!) at the items that will go in your wardrobe and try to categorise them. That’ll give you a much better idea of what you need inside your wardrobe.

What suits the aesthetic of your home?

Whether you’re living in an urban-chic loft or have a cosy house with a garden, we’ve got something to match your look. Not sure where to start? Opt for colours and materials that are already in your home - your new furniture will fit right in. If you’re low on space in the room where your wardrobe will be, mirrored doors are your best friend. 

What material do you prefer?

Our wardrobes come in a range of materials: wood, glass, mirrors, PVC, and Plywood. Due to making small rooms look larger and sun-starved spaces brighter, mirrored doors are the most popular choice. Plus, depending on what suits your home the best, you can opt for either matt or gloss finishes.

Which installation accessories will you need?

If you’re a DIY whizz or the type of person who can build a desk from a plank of wood, you might be wanting to assemble your wardrobe on your own.

In that case, make sure that you have all necessary installation accessories, such as the rails for the doors to slide on, fascia strips, end fillets, end panels, fixing blocks, spacer blocks, and opening height reducers. 

What’s your budget?

One of the many benefits of our freestanding wardrobes is that they’re easier on the wallet. If you’re looking for a cheap sliding doors wardrobe, we have options in the £400-600 range. If style comes before budget does, we also have a selection of luxury wardrobes.

We offer a warranty on all purchases

Whether you’re going for an elegant look or a simple mirrored doors wardrobe, you’ll be happy to know everything comes with a warranty.

  • 12 months for all flatpack wardrobes
  • 3-year extended warranty for all wardrobes assembled by us
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for luxury Celio and Staud wardrobes