Shelves Buying Guide

Shelving comes in several different styles, so you can easily find the right fit for any room. The most common shelving units are either bookcases or wine racks with many different designs and materials to choose from. When you are ready to get your home organized, make sure you choose just the right shelving unit for the job as well as the room. Here are a few tips on finding the best shelving for your home.
When shopping for shelving units like a bookcase or wine rack, make sure you decide how you want the shelves to function and look in the space provided. 

Shelving units will range from 1 to 2.5 meters tall, so you need to consider both practical and aesthetic issues when deciding on height. For a formal and expensive look, a tall bookcase will fill up most of a wall while a short unit gives you the additional function of a usable surface on its top. You can also use a shorter unit for a work space, buffet, or media cabinet. 

Also, consider the width in relation to the height of your shelving unit. You can get more flexibility if you buy several narrower units instead of one huge one so you can add or take away storage as you need it. If you get a shorter unit, balance it out with something wider that will make it feel like a more substantial piece. 

To allow enough room for storage, most shelves are at least 30 cm, but you will find some shelving with narrower depths so make sure to consider what you will be storing in your shelving unit before you make a purchase. 

Adjustable-height Shelves 
Shelves that are movable give you the most versatility. These types of shelves tend to be suspended on pegs that are inserted into holes that allow you to adjust their position. 

Fixed Shelves 
If you have shelves that are fixed, make sure the space in between the shelves have enough space so that accent pieces and book will fit properly. 

If you like to redecorate periodically or want to use you shelving unit as a room divider, look for a shelving unit that has wheels which will allow you to easily move the unit from room to room. 

Room Dividers 
If you have a large room or an open-concept home, shelving units can also be used as a room divider. Make sure that this shelving unit can stand on its own and does not need to be secured to the wall. 

Made from a variety of materials, bookcases and wine racks most commonly use the following types of materials: 

For a traditional and solid look, wood is a common material that provides a long-lasting frame. Wood is commonly used for both bookcases and wine racks since it can withstand a substantial amount of weight and comes in a wide range of designs that include distressed woods, bamboo, and barrels. Make sure to look for a sturdy wood if you want your shelving unit to last a while instead of wood that will warp quickly. 

Providing a sturdy storage option, metal shelves give you less bulkiness than wood and is a great material for those that prefer a contemporary and streamlined look to their furniture. Metal designs often include bronze, aluminum, and iron and can be used as a base or to accentuate another material like glass. 

Shelving Installation 
Larger shelves like bookshelves may need a bracket to attach it to a wall stud through the back of the shelving unit 

Free Standing 
If you have a shelving unit that will be free-standing, make sure that it is leveled properly so it won’t wobble due to a support leg that is not on the floor firmly. 

When you are ready to get organized, it is easy to find the right type of shelving unit once you know where it will be placed and what will be stored on it. Remember to make sure the shelving unit is secured properly to avoid the risks of it falling or tipping over.