Dixon Bedroom Collection

Meet Dixon. Lovingly crafted in the French Célio factory, this wardrobe wants to stay with you to the end. Dixon’s available in matt alpine white, matt natural oak, glass white and glass dune or full mirror, meaning it’ll blend in beautifully with any palette. Unlike some of our other ranges, it comes with matching shelving and corner units, which allow you to take Dixon around any right-angled corner. 


Dixon range

Versatility’s the name of the game with Dixon. With both sliding door and hinge door options to suit your space and extra shelves, rails and drawers available too, you can create something that doesn’t just look extra special but which does every single thing you need it to.

And why stop at the wardrobe when the entire collection looks this good? Unlike some of our other ranges, Dixon comes with matching shelving units. So if you’re looking for a practical way to bring some cohesion to your bedroom, make sure you take a look at the shelves too. The shelving unit can also be made at custom width 15-40cm to fit your spaces as built-in.

Play close attention to the hinged door corner wardrobes, which allow you to take Dixon around any right-angled corner. Whatever your space looks like and whatever you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it in Dixon.