CAMBRIDGE Collection

The Cambridge Range

There’s a gentle nod to the quintessential, English country cottage behind the shaker styling of these Cambridge wardrobes. A modern spin on the traditional look, these hinge door wardrobes are as functional as they are attractive.

Available in 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300cm widths, the Cambridge wardrobes can feature anywhere from two to six doors, with optional crystal mirroring in the central panels. Whether you’ll go for the crisp white option, the soft champagne, or the darker, more sultry Havana finish is up to you.

You’ll find links to beautiful matching drawers on each listing, so you can really get the classic look down, and enjoy that feeling of completeness in your bedroom.

And there are plenty of optional extras with which you can design your own Cambridge wardrobe. Extra shelving? No problem. Motion-activated inner LED lighting? Easy! You can even opt for built-in drawer units with two or three drawers, shelving units, tie and belt pull-out racks, utensil racks and pull-out trouser holders. You really can make this wardrobe whatever you want it to be.

Wiemann wardrobes are environmentally friendly too

All the materials used in Wiemann bedroom furniture pieces meet the requirements of formaldehyde emission class “E1”*.

Independent bodies monitor the Wiemann factories to make sure their products are always meeting these stringent requirements. The high quality surfaces on their solid wood products are physiologically safe and meet all industrial hygiene requirements and standards. And you’ll be pleased to know that production facilities are all run in line with EU directives.

*If you’re wondering what on earth that means, Class E1 stipulates 8mg or less of formaldehyde per 100g oven dry board for unfaced particleboard, OSB and MDF (under test method EN 120). It also stipulates 3.5mg/m2h or less of formaldehyde release for all other panel products under test method EN 717-2. Bit of a mouthful, right? Basically, it’s pretty green.