The night area is a cosy and intimate space revealed through a precise living idea characterised by a refined understatement, dedicated to those who are fond of an informal lifestyle. In order to satisfy any aesthetic and functional need, instrument proposes an assorted collection of beds that is enriched every year, privileging shapes and materials to warm the environment and favour a deep sense of wellness. Refuge of the soul able to interpret and satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs of who inhabits it, the bedroom is inspired to a lifestyle away from clamour and pretentiousness. instrument beds fit in any type of environment, from most classical to modern ones. The numerous finishes underline the character of a home which finds its essence in resting and sharing the most informal moments: from the valuable woods of the structures to the fabrics of the upholsteries featuring elegant wefts that seem handmade.


Wooden bed frames
: wooden bed frames offer traditional style and long-lasting sturdiness. These frames are the timeless option that boasts ultimate versatility. With beautiful designs and handy storage solutions, they're perfect for all the family.
Ottoman beds: Say goodbye to any storage problems with an ottoman storage bed. Not only do these beds provide a sophisticated look to your bedroom, but offer plenty of room for storage. Using a lift mechanism it allows quick and easy access to your hidden storage.
Divan beds: Storage in the bedroom can sometimes be hard to come by. Divan beds are a fantastic way of keeping your things neatly stored away in a place that is easily accessible. Using concealed drawers that are built into the bed frame, a divan bed makes the most of the space under your bed.