Bedroom Wardrobe Sets

4 piece wardrobe sets will give you the chance to freshen things up with something new and possibly enjoy a different furniture arrangement than your current one. Choose from matching wardrobesbedside tablesdrawers, and bed frames. Wall lengths, ceiling heights, and windows must be taken into consideration. You’ll also need to consider the size of your room and measure the space for the wardrobe to confirm that the larger pieces will fit in the room. 

Sizing options include wardrobes that are 120cm to 250cm wide. It’s always tempting to go with the biggest possible wardrobe since that will give you more storage room, but if you buy a unit that makes it hard to navigate around your room, you will likely be unhappy. Buy a bedroom set that will give you extra storage without compromising the room’s space. For more space-saving tips, be sure to check our clever bedroom storage ideas.

Style Options

Sets come in white, black, grey, and natural oak tones. You can also purchase a set with wardrobe mirrors that cover all of the storage piece’s doors or just one or two. Mirrored sliding wardrobes can make rooms feel bigger, so if your bedroom space is on the small side, you may want to purchase a bedroom set with more mirrors to give the area the feeling of spaciousness. Added mirrors come in handy when checking how an outfit looks. We also permit our customers to customise their wardrobes a bit. You can do this by taking us up on our offer of a free-hanging rail. You can add more than one to your order for a small additional charge.

Wardrobe sets are manufactured in Europe, and when you order one, it will be delivered to you flat packed, making it easier to move into your home and bedroom.