Bedroom Wardrobe Sets

Bedroom sets differ in size, shape, colour, materials used, and number of units. Accessories like handles, mirrors, shelves, rails and built-in lights can also make each arrangement unique. They will give you the chance to freshen things up with something new and possibly enjoy a different furniture arrangement than your current one. Bedroom sets always feature a small, medium, or large wardrobe with one or more of the following:

  • Bed frame
  • Headboard
  • Chest of drawers
  • Bedside tables 
  • Ottomans
  • Dressing or make-up tables
  • Desks
  • Occasional chairs
  • Bookshelves

Types of Bedroom Sets

Here are some FAQs that provide more insight:

What does a 3-piece bedroom set include?

A 3 piece bedroom set typically includes a bed or bed frame and two bedside tables. However, wardrobe bedroom sets can feature a wardrobe with two bedside tables.

What is included in a 4-piece bedroom set?

A 4 piece bedroom set includes a bedroom storage solution, like a wardrobe or chest of drawers, in addition to a bed frame and two bedside tables. Some sets may replace the bed frame with a storage solution to rather include a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and two bedside tables.

What is a 5-piece bedroom set?

5 piece bedroom sets are best suited to larger master bedrooms and generally include a bed or bed frame, two bedside tables, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers or a dressing table.

What is bedroom furniture timeless?

Timeless bedroom furniture styles have passed the test of time to prove that their shape, colour, and materials never go out of fashion. These pieces blend into a room without upsetting the décor theme.

Note: The wardrobes themselves can also differ. For example, you get sliding-door wardrobes that help save space and hinged-door wardrobes that ensure a full view of the entire wardrobe contents.

The guidelines below will continue to help you decide which type of bedroom set is best for you.

Measure Your Space

Gathering wardrobe dimensions is a good start and will influence your other buying decisions. Measure the length, width, and height of your space to accurately determine how much furniture - and what size - your room can accommodate. Compare your measurements to the dimensions of the furniture you like to ensure it will fit. For example, smaller bedrooms can only accommodate the essentials such as a single or double bed, one bedside table (or two small bedside tables), a slim wardrobe (see our 40cm – 122cm options), and a small chest of drawers (usually optional). A larger master bedroom or guest room for adults should typically feature the following:

  • A bed frame (single to king size)
  • Medium-large bedside tables for both sides of the bed
  • A large wardrobe, preferably with multiple compartments, shelves, and rails
  • A chest of drawers (essential for those who need more storage options)
  • An ottoman at the end of the bed (ideal for linen and storage of seasonal clothing)
  • A dressing table or make-up table
  • A small desk (optional)

Remember to factor in the operational room. For example, if you select a set with a hinged-door wardrobe, will there be enough space for the doors to open completely? The same applies to the chests of drawers.  For high ceilings, you can choose taller wardrobes, with some units reaching to the ceiling - or you can leave a gap for dusting and decorative storage boxes to be placed at the top.

How many storage space do you need?

Are you a single person looking for space saving bedroom storage solutions, or do you require storage space for a couple? Perhaps you want to furnish a guest room or a child’s room? Consider these points:

  • Young children generally need less storage space, and their rooms are also typically smaller. This makes slimmer or space-saving furniture (like sliding-door wardrobes) more ideal. The same can apply to student accommodation and guest rooms.
  • If you’re single but own several items of clothing and accessories, a large wardrobe and drawers will be more appropriate (space permitting). 
  • Couples will benefit from larger bedroom sets that include wardrobes with “his and hers” divided compartments. 
  • If you have less to store and enjoy the convenience of a dressing table, replace a chest of drawers with a vanity table (if space is an issue). Alternatively, choose a wardrobe with a mirrored drawer to combine storage with dressing and make-up aids.
  • Do you enjoy a minimalist space, or will added pieces like occasional chairs and reading desks make you feel more comfortable?
  • If you need more storage space but your bedroom is small, consider end-of-bed ottomans or beds that offer under-bed storage.

Define Your Style

Style options range from classic pieces to contemporary and novel designs. Define the current décor in your home and consider your taste preferences to determine a befitting bedroom set style.  Also, consider colour preferences. Instrument furniture offers several finishes available in regular, matt or mirrored option. The colours include white, grey, black, wooden oak, and more. Choosing the right colour will depend on the following:

  • Your personal taste
  • The current colours in the room (and home)
  • Your interior décor theme
  • How much light reaches the room (dark colours in dark rooms can make the area appear dull and small)

Tip: If you already have bedroom furniture, select a bedroom wardrobe set that will complement the colour and style you’ve implemented. For example, you can combine white rattan furniture with oak-finished pieces. Next, decide on materials, prioritising bedroom furniture sets suitable for indoor use. These include high-quality laminated board, metal, wood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), glass, marble, and leather, among others.

Important: Consider the practicality of the material you choose. For example, mirrored wardrobes might be aesthetically pleasing in a child’s bedroom, but keeping them smudge-free can be difficult. Light oak tones may texturize a small space, but glossy or mirrored furniture can make the area appear larger. Marble furniture may be durable but harder to move for cleaning and re-decorating.

Will I Have to Assemble My Bedroom Set Myself?

Before you purchase a bedroom set, read the fine print to see how the furniture will be delivered. If you are unable or willing to assemble the set, select our award-winning assemble service, which is ideal if you have narrow doorways and need assistance getting the furniture assembled and to the allocated spaces. 

Is There a Guarantee on Bedroom Wardrobe Sets?

Most bedroom furniture stores provide guarantees on bedroom wardrobe sets, but it’s best to confirm this before checkout. Instrument furniture offers this benefit to ensure customers are 100% happy with their purchases. Find a full list of our guarantees here.

Last Tips for Buying a Wardrobe Bedroom Set

Before you buy a bedroom wardrobe set:

  • Ensure all your measurements are correct, including the dimensions of each piece of furniture in the set.
  • Double-check your style and colour choices.
  • Confirm you’re happy with each unit's number of compartments, shelves, rails, or drawers.
  • Check to see if the furniture store allows you to accessorise the units with the likes of extra shelves, rails, borders and trims, or LED lights. 
  • Consider whether you prefer similar or mismatched furniture. 
  • Do you prefer plain colours or plain wood – or would you like to incorporate other materials (like chrome handles)?
  • What is the theme or “mood” you wish to maintain (do you want a tranquil sleeping space or prefer a bedroom that caters to several living needs)?