Sliding Wardrobes

Bedroom wardrobes with sliding doors, mirror finish, or with drawers. Colour ranges from white, grey, and black to wood. Featuring wardrobes from Wiemann and Rauch.


Wardrobe buying guide


It is vital to figure out how much space you will have to work with, which is an integral part of the wardrobe buying process. One of the most frustrating feelings is finding a gorgeous wardrobe only to discover that it will not fit in your bedroom. Check our wardrobe size guide to avoid typical mistakes.

Wardrobe types

We can help you choose the right type of wardrobe and configuration that will suit your bedroom preferences and storage needs.

The most common type is a two-door wardrobe that typically has a pretty basic and straightforward design. It consists of a shelf above a single hanging rail clothing with a possible bottom drawer to store small items or shoes.

Three and four-door wardrobes usually have similar design features as a two-door wardrobe but include two hanging rails instead of one, plus additional shelving space on the sides. Usually, this type of wardrobe is chosen for someone with many clothes or for a couple to share.

Wardrobes with sliding doors are an excellent choice for someone that doesn't have a lot of extra space for doors. The inside of a sliding door wardrobe will depend on the design and size, but they typically are divided into more than just a single section and have a spacious hanging rail, shelf space, and drawers at the bottom. 


What bedroom décor style do you gravitate towards? Modern? Industrial? Traditional? Do you want the new wardrobe to match the current style of your bed set, or are you interested in a contrasting décor style? Instrument furniture prepared a bunch of modern wardrobe ideas if you're interested. 


Depending on the other types of wood in your bedroom, you will want to choose the one that compliments that look. Wardrobe colours and finishes will vary depending on the wood you select, so stick with mahogany throughout your bedroom or oak if you need a lighter shade of wood. 


Majority of our wardrobes you can take with you when you move so that it won't seem like a waste of money in the future (please advise us about moving). Having adjustable shelves and rails only increases the piece's versatility, allowing it to change with you through the seasons and different fashion trends. 


If you want to assemble your wardrobe on your own, in that case, make sure that you have all necessary installation accessories, such as the rails for the doors to slide on, fascia strips, end fillets, end panels, fixing blocks, spacer blocks, and opening height reducers.