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Table Buying Guide

When buying a new table there are a few options that you want to consider before just diving right in. You’ll want to know what type of table you’re looking for, what kind of style you want, and about how much you want to spend on the table. Knowing the answers to these common questions will help ease the table buying process. 

There are so many types of tables offered that simply searching the word “table” might make you overwhelmed. What type of table are you looking for? A dining room table, end table, coffee/cocktail table, etc. Knowing this will help you narrow your options. 

Style is important to some people and doesn’t matter to others when it comes to buying furniture. To those that it will matter to though, it is important to have an idea of the style you desire before purchasing a table. There are many different styles to choose from. You’ll need to consider shape, size, and materials. 
You’ll want to know what shape table you want. No matter what type of table you’re purchasing you’ll have options for the shape. Do you want a square end table? Do you want a rectangular or circular coffee table? Do you want an oval shaped dining room table? Deciding on a shape will help guide you to the next step. 
Once you know what shape you want your table to be, you’ll want to decide on a size. You’ll want to make sure that the table you purchase isn’t overwhelming in size when compared to the other furniture in the room (example: you don’t want your coffee table to take up more space in your living room than your couch does). When looking at the size of a table you must consider more than just length though. You’ll want to know how tall the table is too. Do you want your dining room table to be more pub style and need taller chairs, or do you want it to be lower than that? You will not want your end tables to be taller than your couch or chairs, and you won’t want your coffee table to be taller either, but you also don’t want them to be too low. There are so many different sizes of tables to choose from, it’s best to have your desired measurements ready in mind when looking at your options. 
This is a category that most people don’t think they need to decide on ahead of time. Knowing what type of material, you want your table to be made from is actually very useful. You could want an all solid wood table, a mix of wood and metal, all metal, or a mix of metal and glass. The type of material you want will also depend on the type of table you’re looking for and the shape and size of the table too. You will also want to consider the other items that will surround your table, and how the style of the table will tie into the style of the other pieces in your home. 

Last, but not least, you’ll want to consider how much money you want to spend on the table. Having a budget for purchasing a table will help you automatically eliminate items that are too expensive or too cheap for your tastes. Keep in mind when creating a budget, that different styles of tables and different materials will cost varying amounts of money. A solid wood table is going to be more expensive than reclaimed wood. An end table is going to be less expensive than purchasing a dining room table set. Make sure you keep all of this in mind when deciding how much to spend. 

In the end buying a table for your home should not be a stressful task. Buying a table should be fun and exciting. You’re purchasing a new piece of furniture for your home. You should feel comfortable buying it and feel confident that it is what you want and it will fit with the other items in your home. Overall, as long as you consider the type of table, the style of the table, and the price of the table, you should have no problem finding the furniture of your dreams here at Instrument