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Alexis collection

The Alexis Range


Say hello to Alexis. She’s our exclusive wardrobe from the German Wiemann factory, known for its beautiful, eco-friendly wardrobes, and Alexis is no exception.

She lights up every room, quite literally or at least she does if you opt for stand-out LED front- or profile-lighting around her doors.

Speaking of doors, how many will you choose, and will you opt for the striking single stripe or mirrors instead? Several of Alexis’ wider options come with synchronous middle doors, meaning they’ll slide open at the same time, giving you a fantastic view of your things inside, and saving you plenty of space in the room.

Alexis comes in a myriad of sizes, with two heights available (217cm or 236cm) and seven (yes, seven!) widths, from 150cm to a whopping 400cm wide. She’s the perfect fit for any bedroom, for the average-sized alcove to the widest of walls. The sleek grey-glass stripe draws the eye from one end of the wardrobe to the other too, enticing you inside to choose your #OOTD.

When you invest in your Alexis wardrobe, you can make her everything you want her to be, with countless optional extras to choose from, including utensil racks and laundry shelves. You’ll even decide where to place your hanging rails and shelves, with one adjustable rail and two moveable shelves per compartment. All her fittings are made from metal too, meaning they’ll last for decades, and they’re easy on the eye – just like Alexis herself.


Wiemann wardrobes are environmentally friendly too

All the materials used in Wiemann bedroom furniture pieces meet the requirements of formaldehyde emission class “E1”*.

Independent bodies monitor the Wiemann factories to make sure their products are always meeting these stringent requirements. The high quality surfaces on their solid wood products are physiologically safe and meet all industrial hygiene requirements and standards. And you’ll be pleased to know that production facilities are all run in line with EU directives.

*If you’re wondering what on earth that means, Class E1 stipulates 8mg or less of formaldehyde per 100g oven dry board for unfaced particleboard, OSB and MDF (under test method EN 120). It also stipulates 3.5mg/m2h or less of formaldehyde release for all other panel products under test method EN 717-2. Bit of a mouthful, right? Basically, it’s pretty green.