Extra Large 300cm Wardrobes

We have large 300cm wardrobes with sliding doors and drawers. They are configurable to meet any storage needs and look great in any bedroom. These wide wardrobes are available in matt, gloss, and mirrored finishes.

Extra Large Wardrobes Buyer’s Guide

A large or extra-large wardrobe can impact a room's style, space, and amount of storage. 
Below, we’ll raise essential points to help you choose the best large wardrobe for your house, apartment, or hotel so that it ticks all the boxes mentioned above. 

How do I know I need a large wardrobe?

Consider the following questions to determine if you need a large wardrobe:

  • How many clothes and accessories do I have?
  • How many individuals need to use the wardrobe?
  • Do I need it to store additional items, like linen?
  • What is the size of the room it will be accommodated in?
  • What are my décor preferences?

If you live in a mostly cold region, you may need a large wardrobe to accommodate bulky coats, jackets, and winter boots. But the same applies to individuals who have a taste for fashion no matter the climate, i.e., the more clothes you have, the larger the wardrobe needs to be!

A bigger one is also better if you share the wardrobe with a partner or household. In this regard, look for an extra large wardrobe with multiple compartments, shelves, and rails to cater to individual and organisational needs.

Large wardrobes are also better if you need to store other belongings over and above clothes. For example, large wardrobes with drawers can store blankets, linen, documents, and more.

A huge deciding factor is room space. Small rooms can feel smaller and cluttered if a wardrobe is overbearing. However, a large, stylish wardrobe can amplify the décor of a larger room, helping to cover bare walls (some wardrobes can even function as room dividers)!  

What sizes do large wardrobes come in?

Large wardrobes can be built to different dimensions, but the most convenient sizing options are:

  • Width: 300cm – 400cm
  • Height: 200cm – 240cm
  • Depth: 50cm - 67cm

What’s important is that the dimensions harmonise to create a large wardrobe that operates well and does not break easily. For example, a tall wardrobe that lacks sufficient width and depth can easily topple over.

What is the average cost of a large wardrobe?

The average cost of a large wardrobe depends on the size and style of the wardrobe and the materials used. Instrument offers affordable large wardrobes from as low as £989 with a selection of high-end options that cost slightly more. 

Last Tips for Buying a Large Wardrobe 

  • Always measure the space in your room before purchasing a large wardrobe, ensuring enough width, depth, and height space for the structure to operate.
  • Make sure the wardrobe will fit through doors for easy moving – or choose a design that’s easy to dismantle and build again if doorways are narrow.
  • Remember to inspect the interior, ensuring there’s enough shelf, drawer (optional), and hanging space for your or your household’s needs.
  • Check if any of the features can be changed or customised. For example, can you choose between handle types and materials? Can you add accessories like LED lights, extra shelves, rails, etc.?